Make your dream a reality. Lazy person’s way.

I have so many ideas, tasks and dreams, but not much time. I need to plan my day carefully and decide what I am going to do and what might need to wait until next year. And squeezing in things that bring me joy is a paramount goal of mine. Because life is too short to spend on ‘must do’ things and ignore ‘want to’ opportunities.

But how do you ensure you can accomplish things that are important as well as those that are pure delight? …

Don’t let stress take over your life

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Approaching deadlines, doctor’s appointments, a leak in a ceiling. Such mundane things, but how much stress and discomfort they cause us!

The good news is that there is a way to make the damage of stress less impactful, less painful. The secret toolkit is simple and endorsed by modern neuroscience.

The tips below summarize a webinar I attended as a British Psychological Society member held by Dr. Laura McHale, a Business and Leadership Psychologist with a particular interest in neuroscience.

According to neuroscience and scholars such as Matt Lieberman from UCLA in particular, a regular practice of self-control and self-regulation

Or how to befriend the langoliers and stop them from eating your time.

From the author’s personal archive.

As a working mom and a creative person, I have quite a few responsibilities. Like the most skilful circus artist, I juggle several balls simultaneously. And I use 5 D’s of Dodgeballdodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge — to avoid overwhelm and burnout. Just kidding.

Juggling similar tasks is a challenge. But juggling things that are different is sheer madness. Before you know it, you are drowning, unable to choose between direct responsibilities and creative tasks. You know what you want to choose. But can you? You get panicky and freeze, unable to decide your next move. …

A new app and a novel way of thinking.

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I started using Roam Research app only two weeks ago after reading an article by Medium own Eva Keiffenheim, followed by a video by Ali Abdaal. I had to try it out for myself—a perfect example of impulse buying (or trialling).

As I am very new to it, I don’t understand half of what it offers. But one option I am excited about is how you can connect certain thoughts and ideas by turning them into a new page. It’s very simple to do either. You highlight what seems of value to you by adding double [[brackets]]. …

As an adult, I’d lost the artistic soul of my youth. Could a 12-week art challenge help me reclaim it?

Boat on the water
Boat on the water
An illustration by the author.

My artistic career started five months ago.

One frosty November 2020 morning, I challenged myself to a 12-week plan to awaken the artist within. The 12 weeks came out of nowhere as I needed a deadline. As a 35-something mom of a young child, I thought it must be too late for me to start a new hobby. Especially a creative one. But then I thought — what do I have to lose, really? Apart from sleep. Which is overrated.

I promised myself to create something every single day: be it a drawing, a sketch, a painting, or a journal…

Or how every book is a source of valuable information.

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I cannot remember how this stowaway book by John Williams (2010) ended up at my house. I had no intention of reading it until I remembered one thing.

There is always something we can learn from one another. And a book is a window into another person’s universe. If we peek into it by swiftly scanning through the pages — we might unearth something of value. Even one phrase, one sentence that resonates with us, is enough to make any book worthwhile.

So here are the five useful reminders I have stumbled upon while flicking through the book.

1. Admit your dreams to yourself

“As long…

Or, what to do if motivation fairy is on leave.

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There are days when you don’t feel like doing anything. Whether the weather itself is conspiring against you, or it’s Friday, and the call of Netflix is louder than Jumanji drums. Whatever it is — it happens to the best of our kind.

I wish we could call it a day, jump on a sofa, hug that cuddly rug, and simply be. But something evil called ‘responsibility’ is always breathing down our necks. And we cannot escape its embraces even on ‘I-cannot-be-bothered-to-do-anything’ days.

So what can we do? Well, my friend, I have a few tips for you. …

And treat every life event as an opportunity.

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Our life starts every morning.

Every morning we have a rare and unprecedented opportunity to take chances, go after our dreams or experience something new.

But how do we ensure we don’t live our lives on autopilot just going through the motions?

Well, I believe that’s exactly why we exist — to fight the inertia and gravitational pull of the everyday automatic actions.

So, what do we need to do to disable our autopilot?

Befriend your inner child

I’m like the luckiest girl in the world. I’ve gotten to be a princess, I’ve gotten to work with the Muppets. A lot of my childhood…

Feel instantly rejuvenated and ready to rock-and-roll.

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We all have days when we are so low on energy that we cannot do anything productive. Unless we are physically unwell, internal or external factors could cause low energy levels. We could be tired and fed up after a fight with a loved one. We could be fatigued by dealing with disobedient children. Or we could have exhausted our patience with demanding clients.

Whatever the reasons, we need to get back to our ‘happy place’. Otherwise, low energy might bring its best friends called tiredness, negativity and apathy. We don’t want to see those lovely faces, do we? …

My go-to relaxing techniques that really work.

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I am a mum, and the primary cause of my stress and anxiety has the cherub-like features of a toddler. She’s very good at testing me. If I didn’t know that she’s not even two years old, I would have thought she’d spent decades mastering her craft.

But toddlers are not the only ones with a superpower to shatter our serene existence. There are unreasonable bosses, demanding clients, tight deadlines, and melted ice cream.

So whatever is throwing your life out of a peaceful float, these simple tips should do the trick.

1. Breathe in and out

Have you ever noticed that when the anxiety…

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Psychology graduate, storyteller, dreamer and pathfinder. On a journey to rediscover my writing voice.

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