Or how I’ve overcome my anxieties about not being born a native English speaker.

From the author’s personal archives.

Writing in English when English is not your first language… Let me tell you. It’s not always easy. Often it shows up as an addition to perfectionism. On other days, they work as a tag team. First, you question your language and then you question your quality.

What language do…

A few ingenious tricks that you need to know to create a spark of inspiration

From the author’s personal archive.

Motivation is a fickle little creature. One day it is firing you up, holding you on its wings and not releasing until you’ve completed everything on your to-do list. On another day, it’s sitting there quietly reading a newspaper, ignoring your calls for immediate attention.

But it does not need…

Yes, exactly! Sleep is this underestimated and undervalued magical cure. I had issues with work-related anxiety. I slept poorly, I stressed out. I was in this vicious circle - cannot sleep because of stress, cannot calm down because I am too hyper and sleep-deprived. So I created this bed time routine, that included a warm bath, no news or TV and going to bed around 10 pm every single day :) it's been nearly 2 decades. I have a toddler now, so sleep is a luxury. Nevertheless, regardless of how little sleep I get during the night, my routine helps me to feel fine in the morning.

Vic Bowling

Psychology graduate, storyteller, dreamer and pathfinder. On a journey to rediscover my writing voice.

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